Stoneware Horned & Antler God Chalice

Stoneware Horned & Antler God Chalice


Throughout White Light Pentacles/Sacred Spirit Products' history, we have commissioned sacred motifs from talented artists and artisans we met in our travels or from those whom contacted us. In our first Stoneware Collection, no longer available, we commissioned Sacred Feminine and Sacred Masculine motifs, Angelics, Fantasy Icons and more. Here is the second stoneware collection of sacred art featuring Chalices, Platters, Mugs, Cauldrons, Plaques and more, all created on a potter's wheel.  Excellent for home, temple or office use and suitable for ritual...while supplies last. Blessed Be.

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    The Horned God is the Lord of the Sabbat, the Lord of Life and Death, magick and the Underworld. He is Lord of the Woodlands, the wild hunt and the animals. He represents the divine male principal that embodies vitality, sexuality, fertility and power. He is worshipped as protector and provider. He provides for the tribe through the hunt and is honored or rewarded for his deed. Often depicted as half-man and half-animal, his horns are those of a goat or ram, or the antlers of a stag. This may represent his role as both the eternal Hunter, and also the animal which is hunted; the natural union between human and nature. In the folklore of the Celtic lands, the Horned God was depicted as the Antlered God Cernunnos, guardian of the portal leading to the Otherworld. In British legend and myth, the Horned God was seen as the Antlered God Herne the Hunter, leader of the Wild Hunt, with his masterful ability to provide for the tribe as the great Hunter of the wood. Greek Horned God Pan — lusty diety of pastures, fertility of the flocks and an abundant hunt — was half-man and half-goat. The Green Man is often depicted in European foliate images with horns peering out from a mask of foliage, connecting him to the image of Horned God. The duotheistic theological worldview of modern Neo-Paganism and Witchcraft encompasses for many the idea of two primal forces of nature and their archetypal embodiments as the Triple Goddess and Horned God.

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