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Spells and How They Work

Spells and How They Work


Like all their literary works, Witch HP. Stewart and Witch HPs. Janet Farrar in Spells and How They Work offer the reader a glimpse into the world of Witches and Magick. The authors discuss Ethics, Talismans, Qabala, Sex Magick, Charms, Folk Lore and more. Extremely interesting!

Back cover text includes:

In this authoritative study, the authors discuss the principles underlying all spells and explain why a successful spell is usually composed of three elements: intent, visualization, and will-power. Careful at all times to observe basic rules of responsibility - that a spell should never intend anyone harm or manipulate anyone against their will - this is a comprehensive guide to ways of effective spell-casting... There is a generous anthology of actual spells worldwide, past and present, drawn from history, literature, folklore, old grimoires, and from the 20 years experience of the authors. Spells of love, healing, weather, binding, and more combine in this unique addition to the literature on magical workings.

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