Raven Talisman Lights™ Amulet Pillar Candle

Raven Talisman Lights™ Amulet Pillar Candle


Raven Talisman Lights™ Amulet Pillar Candles. These beautiful and potent 1.5” x 6” spell candles are infused with oils, ideal for ritual use, and great for gift giving. Fashioned by Cypress Moon and exclusively distributed by White Light Pentacles, each one is a work of magick, not mass-produced.Available in many styles, WHILE SUPPLIES LAST...each clean burning palm wax candle is Gaia friendly and comes shrink wrapped with a colorful, eye-catching instruction label and a hand-painted, fired clay amulet pendant (an original design) strung on a hemp cord. This pendant is to be used as an object link for the desired outcome. Our artfully crafted colorful Spell candles bring added focus and energy to all your spells and magickal workings. Once lit, they may be used to summon spirit helpers from the Inner Planes and set your will in motion to manifest your wishes.

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    Raven: Burn this candle to call upon this companion of the Dark Goddess for cunning, deep wisdom, protection, and to discover hidden treasures...for your greatest good and the good of all. So mote it be. This Raven Moon Amulet may be worn, carried, or given as a gift after the candle has burned down.

    Folklore tells us that Raven is a trickster, a protector, a teacher, and a bringer of great magick. Some may associate Raven with death, war, and evil, while others see Raven as a bird of wisdom and good omens. The Raven is considered one of the oldest and wisest of animals, with a high level of intelligence, flexibility, and adaptability. Since Ravens can be taught to speak and have such a complex vocabulary of their own, they are connected symbolically to both wisdom and prophecy. This speaking ability leads into the legend of Ravens being oracles, harbingers of powerful secrets, and messengers communicating deep mysteries. In Celtic animal symbolism it is a bird closely connected with battle and the Celtic Goddess Morrigan, who was a remarkable prophetess. "To have a raven's knowledge" is an Irish proverb meaning to have a seer's supernatural powers. Scottish Highlanders associate ravens with the second sight. Raven symbolism of wisdom and knowledge-keeping is connected with the Welsh hero Bran the Blessed, whose name means Raven. Bran was the holder of ancestral memories, and his wisdom was legendary, so much so that he had his head (the vessel of his powerful wisdom) removed and interred in the sacred White Mount in London. Ravens are still roosting there (in the Tower of London), and they are thought to keep Bran's wisdom protected and alive by their presence. The raven is symbolic of mind, thought, and wisdom according to Norse legend. Odin (also known as the Raven God) was accompanied by two ravens: Hugin, who represented the power of thought and active search for information, and Munin, who represented the mind and its ability to intuit meaning.