Planetary Seal of Venus Angelic Altar Disc

Planetary Seal of Venus Angelic Altar Disc


From our Spellware Collection™ of Ritual Art and Artifacts for Home, Office, and Altar, we present this carefully hand crafted, fired clay Solomonic talisman disk. An original work of art (not a mass- produced import), each talisman is suitable for ritual and spell work.

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    This talismanic disk is intended to serve as a focus for your connection with the Good Angels and Spirits of the Planetary Ray of Venus, both to request and give thanks for receiving the gifts of love. joy, beauty, art, and pleasure.

    Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law.
    “The power of a talisman may occur in its making or be catalyzed by the internal energies of the possessor/operator by ritual consecration. A link can be forged with the spiritual power that the talisman represents and it can also serve as a home for a Spirit which is welcomed to reside within it. After our own personal experience of many, many years of successful occult practice, we offer these items for magickal practitioners to use as they will. These talismans should be used wisely and with discretion. Because of the decisions to which the use of these talismans give rise, the soul is tested, and hopefully strengthened. A thorough study of “The Greater Key of Solomon The King” is suggested to reap full benefits from use of these talismans. Caution is advised to those of impulsive temperament. May the possession of these talismans provide an introduction and attunement to the Holy Art of Magick and contact with the Cosmic Forces represented by it. Blessed Be.”
    © 2001 e.v. Azaradel

    Love is the law, love under will

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