Ostara Soul's Journey™ Ritual Incense

Ostara Soul's Journey™ Ritual Incense


♫ Myrddin was playing his pipes in the wood and it sounded sae good to my feeling... ♫

Spring Equinox brings new opportunities for planting the seeds of magick. Burn this aromatic powdered incense on instant lite charcoal disksto empower your Ostara celebrations. It comes in a wax-sealed, corked apothecary bottle, carefully formulated from blends of herbs, resins, oils, and flowers.

  • Witch's Wisdom:

    Ostara: The Vernal Equinox, falling on March 20-23rd. With the entry of the Sun into the zodiacal sign of Aries, Winter departs and light masters darkness. As the life of Earth returns, with our rites we strengthen the Sun and welcome Spring. Burn this ritual incense to draw on the energy of the Equinox for new beginnings.