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Old Medicine Man with Truth Stick

Old Medicine Man with Truth Stick


From our Astral Archetypes™ Collection of unique handcrafted doll-like Altar Statuary we present Old Medicine Man with Truth Stick.

Each fired clay Old Medicine Man with Truth Stick doll-like altar figure is unique and no two pieces are exactly alike. In a marketplace flooded with mass produced imports, we're sure you will love this original art...While supplies last!

In truth telling ceremonies the medicine man ( or woman ) would have a special implement or tool symbolic of truth called a Truth Stick. It was a tool such that when an individual held the tool a safe and secure space was created so the individual could express the truth they needed to communicate without fear of retribution in any way. When the individual spoke holding the symbol of truth, the medicine man/woman's magic would protect the individual, np matter whether adversaries to this truth would want to harm the teller.

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