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Oak Man Treasure Jar

Oak Man Treasure Jar


Welcome the Oak Man!  ♫"Jack in the Green, Jack in the Green, and we’ll All go a ’Dancing with Jack in the Green" ♫

Foliate head images surrounded with leaves and greenery were central to Celtic cultures. Trees were held sacred and forest groves were perceived as the dwelling place of Gods, Goddesses, and a wide variety of Nature Spirits.

Disappearing and returning year after year, century after century, enacting themes of death and resurrection, these Nature Spirits of the forest symbolize fertility and the cycles of birth, death and rebirth, the ebb and flow of life and creativity.

These "Corked Enchantments" from our Spellware™ Collection of Enchanted Pottery are gloss finished Treasure Jars designed and hand crafted to hold herbs, incense, stones, spells and other small magicks. Empowered with images and talismans, these are excellent for home decor and ritual use. Your customers will want to collect these to empower their magicks. Great for gifts too!  No two exactly alike.

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