Lughnasadh Soul's Journey™ Ritual Incense

Lughnasadh Soul's Journey™ Ritual Incense


♫  Horned One Lover Son Leaper in the Corn...  ♫

We burn this aromatic powdered ritual incense on instant lite charcoal disksat our Lammas Altar as an offering throughout August to honor the Goddess as Corn Mother, and to release the energy of the Sun God in a symbolic sacrifice to ensure a bountiful harvest in the coming months.  This Lughnasadh incense is carefully formulated from blends of herbs, resins, oils, and flowers. It comes in a wax-sealed, corked apothecary bottle.

  • Witch's Wisdom:

    Lughnasadh: Also called Lammas, falling on August 1st. This Celtic first fruits festival is an August Eve celebration of great antiquity.