Inverted Pentacle Goat Plaque

Inverted Pentacle Goat Plaque


This Pentacle Plaque is from our Spellware Collection ™ Of Ritual Art and Artifacts for Home, Office and Altar. Each 7" x 5.5" @ $17.00 is available with a purchse of two. Our carefully hand crafted fired clay Inverted Pentacle Goat Plaque is an original work of art and not a mass produced import. Excellent for home and/or temple decor, these are available in the following finishes: Antique Silver with green eyes and Antique Gold with red eyes. These plaques are easily affordable for practitioners of Witchcraft and the Art Magickal.

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    Magister Azaradel said: There has been far too much fear and disordered imaginings about the use of the inverted pentagram in magick. This is not a malefic or baneful symbol, rather it represents the animal nature of humanity and its need to be mastered. It has long been used as a sacred symbol in the Craft of the Wise. The goat's head that surmounts the pentagram in this piece alludes to the mysteries of Pan and the "Watchers" who once walked with, instructed and guided humanity and taught the arts of civilization to our spiritual ancestors in Atlantis and Lemuria. This friendly goat is a guardian of the practice of magick, reminding us that we are spirits clothed in flesh and that for humans, Spirit operates in unity with matter.

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