Imbolc Soul's Journey™ Ritual Incense

Imbolc Soul's Journey™ Ritual Incense


Brigit, Bride, Brighid...Thus we banish Winter, thus we welcome Spring

At Midwinter we celebrate Imbolc, the Quickening of Mother Earth. Empower your Sabbat Altar with this aromatic powdered incense, carefully formulated from blends of herbs, resins, oils, and flowers. It comes in a wax-sealed, corked apothecary bottle.

  • Witch's Wisdom:

    Imbolc: Also called Candlemas, falling on February 2nd. This is the festival of the Waxing Light. When days again begin to lengthen, we feel the first stirrings of Life in the Earth Mother's womb. The Sun is reborn. Burn this ritual incense on instant lite charcoal disks for divine inspiration and the fulfillment of hope throughout the Imbolc season until the first day of Spring.