Celtic Legend

These beautiful and colorful symbolic Celtic enameled brooches are from a great company in the UK, no longer in business. Claim yours now!

Triskellion: this ancient symbol “The Spiral of Life” beloved of the Celts has Graeco-Roman roots and may evoke in the minds and hearts of modern magickal practitioners the triplicities of Maiden, Mother and Crone, land, sea and sky, past , present and future and many other sacred triads.

Celtic Knotwork:  historical artstyle from early medieval times, mainintaining a steady strand interweaving.  Celtic Knotwork style is one of the most intricate aproaches to this kind of ornamentation, often, as in this piece, incorporating zoomorphs into the knotwork.

Zoomorphic Bird: considered messengers from the spiritual realms like Norse High God Odin's two ravens, Huggin and Muninn, birds are thought to symbolize transformation, freedom, power, and freedom because they can fly in the air, walk on the earth and some swim in the sea.

Green Man: Welcome the Green Man! Foliate head images surrounded with leaves and greenery were central to Celtic cultures. Trees were held sacred and forest groves were perceived as the dwelling place of Gods, Goddesses, and a wide variety of Nature Spirits. Disappearing and returning year after year, century after century, enacting themes of death and resurrection, these Nature Spirits of the forest symbolize fertility and the cycles of birth, death and rebirth, the ebb and flow of life and creativity.

Dragons: Call upon the Magickal Powers of the Dragon for strength, to transform a situation, for success and good fortune, and for the accomplishment of your Will. The Dragon is a symbol of primordial power. It is master of all elements: fire, water, air and earth. As a spirit guide, it makes a powerful ally in our daily life with its amazing restorative and potent qualities.

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