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Key of Life  Pentacle

Key of Life Pentacle


1.25" Sterling Silver Prices range from $65.00 - $145.00

The Ankh is one of the most ancient symbols of Egypt, often seen carried by a multitude of the Egyptian gods in tomb paintings and inscriptions and worn by Egyptians as an amulet, one of the most recognizable symbols from ancient Egypt. Known as "the key of life", it possibly dates from the Early Dynastic Period (c. 3150 - 2613 BCE). The symbol is an Egyptian hieroglyph for "life" or "breath of life" (`nh = ankh) and, as the Egyptians believed that one's earthly journey was only part of an eternal life, the ankh symbolizes both mortal existence and the afterlife. In tomb paintings and inscriptions, deities such as Anubis or Isis are often seen placing the ankh against the lips of the soul in the afterlife to revitalize it and open that soul to a life after death. The goddess Ma'at is frequently depicted holding an ankh in each hand and the god Osiris grasps the ankh in a number of tomb paintings. Wear for attunement to Egyptian Mysteries.

A personal note:

 In 1985 e.v. we met Fred and Jill of Magi Crafts and were very impressed with their sterling silver pentacles and other original works, many with bezel-set with smooth cabachon gemstones or prong-set faceted jewels. These magickal pieces were carefully and lovingly woven by them and their best trained assistants. The care they took to work during the phases of the Moon best suited for the intentions of each piece was very important to us. One weekend we joined them on the roof of their studio for a Lunar blessing of all the pieces that had been made from the time Diana's Bow could be seen in the night sky through the Full of the Moon. This was powerful Witchcraft and Richard and I were honored to represent this company. We became the exclusive wholesale distributors of this collection for decades, providing these light- filled  pentacles and amulets to stores across America so that they could find their way into many neighborhoods of Spiritual seekers. The collection has long been retired and these are what we have to provide While Supplies Last...

  • A Witch's Perspective:

    Silver is a healing metal that has excellent antimicrobial and antibacterial properties. Throughout history, silver has been used in medicine to cure infections and help heal wounds. Spiritually, it is said to be ruled by the energetic planetary corespondence of the Moon. It may be worn to enhance psychic receptivity and also for protection.

    Pentacle:signifies the rulership of Higher Mind over the lower elements of Human Nature. The use of this Divine Symbol signals the awakening of Cosmic Consciousness and the Initiation of Human Consciousness, manipulating its environment by reaching beyond the realms of physical form and perception limited to the five physical senses. The origins of the Pentagram go far back to remotest historical antiquity, as far back as Pre-Babylonian Sumer. It has been venerated by many other civilizations. To the Jews, it symbolically designated the Pentateuch, The Five Books of Moses. Early Christians recognized it as pointing out the five Stigmata — the wounds Christ suffered on the Cross. It has survived under a variety of titles, including “The Druid’s Foot” and ‘The Witch’s Star.”To the followers of Pythagoras, it was called “The Pentalpha,” being composed of five interlaced A’s or Alphas. As Alpha is the first letter of the Greek alphabet, we can view the Pentacle as symbolically portraying the Unity of All things in the midst of multiplicity.Ceremonial Magicians throughout the Middle Ages considered the Pentagram to be among the most potent, holy, and protective of symbols — being stronger in this way than even the Cross. Those involved in Occult Practices could be certain that wherever the Pentacle was displayed, there, evil had no power. Traditionally, each of the five angles has been attributed to the Five Metaphysical Elements of the Ancients. EARTH (Lower left-hand corner) FIRE (Lower right-hand corner) WATER (Upper right-hand corner) AIR (Upper left-hand corner) Surmounted by SPIRIT at the topmost point.This becomes a graphic portrayal of Spirit ruling over the four elements and with the Pentagram pl