All Purpose Good Luck Talisman Lights™ Candle

All Purpose Good Luck Talisman Lights™ Candle


Our Talisman Lights™ Candles are fragrant, colorful, handcrafted 1.5” X 6” pillar candles infused with oils. Ideal for ritual use and/or gift giving, each Talisman Lights™ palm wax pillar candle is especially environmentally "Gaia Friendly" and burns cleanly with little drip. Shrink wrapped with an eye-catching and instructive label, once lit, our artfully crafted candles may be used to summon spirit helpers, bring added focus and energy to all your spells and magickal workings and help set your will in motion to manifest your wishes.

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    All Purpose Good Luck:  Burn this candle to draw to you and/or others great good fortune and good luck, career advancement, success, good times, wealth, and greatly fortunate circumstances for you to achieve and manifest your wishes and desires. For your greatest good and the good of all. So mote it be.